Public safety and police departments are under increasing scrutiny to meet the challenge of new laws and increasing security threats. Drawing on an objective perspective of your agency’s performance and practices can lead to new efficiencies, improved oversight and management, validation of the department’s strengths, and identifying areas for improvement. Most importantly, an independent perspective provides greater transparency and an opportunity to regain or deepen your community’s trust. Our team has led, planned and implemented many of the most comprehensive advancements in public safety over the past three decades, from the local, state and national levels of government to academic and medical institutions.


Our team will conduct an objective evaluation of your police department’s operations to help improve its performance and counter any gaps and deficiencies with measures aligned with national law enforcement best practices. Police consultant services include assessments of the entire department or individual units (e.g., internal affairs) or issues (e.g., community policing, use of force, staffing).

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We’ll help you become more effective as city and police leaders in how you investigate public integrity issues and share findings with community stakeholders. Engage us as objective third-party experts to conduct administrative investigations in addition to psychological risk assessments and fitness-for-duty examinations.

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Working together, we’ll create a clear, actionable, multi-year strategy that defines the department’s objectives, identifies a roadmap, sets milestones and a schedule and advance the department measurably toward modernization and transformation.

How We've Protected Your World

Louisville Metro Police Department

Our assessment report presented a clear roadmap to help the LMPD establish a new policing environment in which the department and the community are equal partners in the coproduction of public safety.

How to Transform the Culture of Your Police Department

Across the country, changes are starting to happen in our 18,000 local police departments

Police Civilian Oversight: An Overview of Four Top Models

If you’re considering police civilian oversight as a strategy, the following are the 4 most common civilian oversight models

Our Law Enforcement Consulting Experts

Debra Kirby

Global Service Line Leader, Law Enforcement Consulting + Investigations

Juris Doctor, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Fulbright Fellowship for Police Studies, United Kingdom, National Academy Graduate, 192nd Session, President, Board Member, Member, Member

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Juris Doctor, Master of Science in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science, Certified Ethics Instructor + Polygraph Examiner, Certified Inspector General, Member

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Edward Denmark

Vice President, Law Enforcement Consulting

BA, Legal Studies, MA, Criminal Justice, DA, Leadership Studies, Certified Force Science Analyst

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MA, BA, Past President, Past President

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M.S., Criminal Justice, B.S., Criminal Justice, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, Certified Protection Professional

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BS - Criminal Justice, MS - Criminal/Social Justice, MA - Organizational Leadership - Focus on Training & Development, Candidate-EdD - Organizational Leadership, Instructor for Basic Law Enforcement Training + Crisis Intervention Team Member, Security Assessment Specialist, Member, Member

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Chad McGinty

Manager, Security Risk Management

Leadership + Mgmt Edu. for Experienced Law Enforcement Professionals, Graduate

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Wesley Stought

Associate Director, Security Risk Management

Graduate, Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy, Coursework, The Ohio State University

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