Identify, Evaluate + Control Environmental + Health Hazards

The classification, processing, and safe handling of hazardous materials is critical to life safety, business continuity and loss prevention in a facility. Our global experts draw on our code, design and analysis expertise to create a prioritized mitigation strategy through onsite evaluations, hazard assessments, software solutions and hazardous material handling training.

Code Compliance

Hazardous materials are strictly regulated by a number of codes, regulations and standards and need to be applied as well as forecasted. We combine deep knowledge of building codes with our comprehensive building, fire and hazardous material analysis services to help you meet your design objectives while ensuring code compliance. Where compliance is impractical or infeasible, we work with local authorities on alternate compliance methods.

Hazardous Area Classification (HAC)

The National Electrical Code, NFPA 70, provides specific guidance around protection and methods for installing electrical equipment in facilities using hazardous materials. Through electrical classification, we can help navigate this system and ensure that these areas are compliant, safe and designed properly. Where appropriate, we apply advanced techniques to limit the extent of your classified areas compared to the conservative, prescriptive zones.

Hazardous Materials Management Plan (HMMP)

The ongoing management of hazardous materials in use, storage or transport is imperative to maintain the established level of safety and code compliance. We can help you develop a hazardous materials management plan through inventory statements, mapping of protection systems, and coordination with local fire authorities. Where gaps between existing conditions and best practices exist, hazardous materials consultants will partner with you to develop prioritized remediation plans.

Streamlined Inventory + Design Solution

To address the common challenges of working with hazardous materials, our HazAdvisr management platform is a cloud-based chemical database, interactive inventory design tool and risk analysis review all in one. With your projects in HazAdvisr, you can easily export Hazardous Material Inventory Statements (HMIS) and control area and high hazard inventory summary reports.

Industrial Failure Analysis

Our forensics expertise enables us to investigate process failures and industrial incidents and provide litigation support. With our demonstrated track record, we can support your team in understanding the cause and origin of process failures and establish corrective actions to prevent recurrence.